Flooring Options for Today’s Interiors

Today’s interior flooring options are more numerous than ever before. Having more options might make decision-making more difficult for you, but at least you won’t get bored. Here’s a look at some of today’s most popular choices and the rooms for which they are recommended. Having info about the room recommendation can help you make decisions.


Carpet is an ever-popular choice for many rooms of the house. Most people prefer carpet in the bedroom, because it muffles sound, feels softer to bare feet and feels warmer in the wintertime. Carpeting can also be a good choice for living rooms and family rooms, although you may want to choose a Berber, rather than plush, for those higher traffic rooms. Stain resistant materials are best if you have kids and pets.

Tile or Stone

Ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite, slate and terra cotta tile are typically more expensive choices. But one of those may be the right choice, depending on the décor of your home. Tile or stone works in any room but is a particularly good choice for bathrooms, kitchens and entry ways because it is unaffected by water or traffic. Even though it may be more expensive initially, natural tile can truly last a lifetime.


Today’s vinyl interior floor choices are numerous. Depending on the quality of the product, you may find that the look is nearly identical to ceramic or slate tile and that the price tag is a lot lower. Installation is also easier and less expensive. Vinyl is a good choice for any of the rooms that normally require tile because of issues with water or traffic. It also makes a reasonably priced choice for a semi-finished basement.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring tends to wax and wane in terms of popularity. For a while, it was practically replaced by other interior floor choices such as carpet and vinyl. Many people have purchased older homes and pulled up the carpeting to find beautiful hardwood flooring that required just a little work to restore.

Hardwood flooring is becoming harder to find but cork and laminate flooring are readily available. Laminate and cork flooring varies greatly in terms of quality and durability.

Low quality laminate is a bad choice in any area where there could be standing water. The lovely top layer will peel off to reveal the particle board and your only choice is to replace a portion of the floor. Using quality flooring materials will always pay off in that your floors will look beautiful for a long time if you properly maintain them.

Those are your basic interior floor options. Within each category, you will find a large selection to keep you busy while you are planning your next purchase.